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Site Help & Admin Area

Welcome to the innards of your website. Here in this admin area you can access help, common questions and technical information about your site here. To get started modifying your site please watch the videos on this page and you should be up and running in no time. Questions? Please contact OneCreative at 505-889-9700 or and we will be happy to help.

Getting Started Tutorials

1. EdgeEndo Site Overview

To Be Created

2. WordPress Basics

A brief overview of WordPress and the WordPress Control Panel.

3. DIVI Basics

This 25 minute video will give you a good overview of all you can do with DIVI – the theme that runs your site. This is a little geeky, as it is from the developers of DIVI, so please be patient, but I’m sure you will learn lots.

Special Features

4. Blog Areas

The site has several blog areas, mainly for use with email cultivation and digital ad content.

5. OrderReady Pages

The Order Ready app integrates with It utilizes QR redirects to link to specific content from within the app.

6. Nexternal Integration

  • URL are not linked directly to nexternal due to their slow server response time but instead are linked to a redirect page which shows a loading screen‚—see the global links for detail on how to use the redirect page syntax.
  • Nexternal uses css that is stored at
  • Nexternal Layout uses a slightly modified version of the wordpress divi menu div for display

7. SEO

  • SEO was moved to Yoast SEO in Summer 2016 in preparation for OC taking over SEO and Digital Campaigns. However, the project has not yet been approved. Therefore default SEO styles are in place with the exception of the home page and a few testing pages.

8. 3rd Party Tracking Code

  • 3rd party Tracking code are placed site wide in the CP in DIVI > Theme Options > Integration. Comments will note when tracking pixels are added.
  • For individual page tracking code the DIVI module “code” is used and noted with the vendor and date.

General Help

Adding Users

Depending on the credentials, you may or may not be able to add users. To make things easy, just call OneCreative at 505-889-9700 or email

Analytics (Visitor Tracking)

Your site visits are tracked with Google Analytics, and access to your Google Analytics account is on an individual basis. Therefore to gain access to your analytics you will need an email address associated with a Google ID (this can be any address you wish). Once you have this email address setup with Google,  call OneCreative at 505-889-9700 or email, and we will get you setup in a jiffy!

Site Technical Information

If you need to know the technical details of your site, here is the info:

  1. Platform: WordPress (version reported in control panel)
  2. Theme: Divi by Elegant Themes
  3. Host: OneCreative managed virtual server at LiquidWeb
  4. OS: LAMP (Linux, Apache, PHP)
  5. FTP access: only enabled if specifically needed by client
  6. BACKUP: Daily Database Backup, Weekly Full Backup


Please contact us anytime for help with your site: